Fire Alarm at Reynolds House

Customer Notice

published: 2020-06-15 12:24
resolved: 2020-06-15 17:00

We have been notified of a fire alarm and evacuation at Reynolds House.


2020-06-15 12:23

“There is a new Equinix IBX Incident at MA2 ,Fire Alarm - IBX was Evacuated. Please check your email or Customer Portal for details and updates.”

2020-06-15 12:31

“Equinix IBX Site Staff reports that a fire alarm has been triggered and the IBX was evacuated. There were no customers on site during the evacuation. IBX Engineers are investigating the cause of the alarm. The next update will be provided in approximately 60 mins or earlier if available.”

2020-06-15 12:51

“Equinix IBX Site Staff reports that upon investigation, the alarm was determined to be false. The fire panel was reset and the building was repopulated. This issue is now resolved and service returned to normal as of 15-JUN-2020 13:15 Site Local Time.”