Optical Network Failure between Bradford and Leeds

Service Incident

published: 2020-05-26 10:48
expected: 2020-06-02 08:00
resolved: 2020-06-02 10:00

We are aware of a problem affecting connectivity in Leeds at the moment.


2020-05-26 12:15

Engineers have performed an OTDR test from the Bradford end of this fibre path, and have confirmed a break on one of the two fibres in the vicinity of Leeds.

2020-05-26 17:53

A short while ago we heard that the optical path has been repaired, and we have just brought it back into service.

2020-05-26 17:53

We have been informed that a follow-on maintenance will be required to make good the temporary repair.

2020-05-28 09:13

We have been told that “[third party optical network engineers] will do the permanent swap/fix of the patch in Leeds on Tuesday between 6am and 8am UK local.”